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    How is GPS data kept or deleted/omitted in a photo?

    pintree3 Level 1

      Let me explain further what I mean by deleted or omitted:

      I've just downloaded LR to give it a try one more time (CC this time). In viewing the intro videos there was talk of locating where your photos were taken? OK cool I thought (more like 'wow', actually). Anyhow on the video it showed images of the actual street and building. Then I went to see my photos and it didn't do that at all. What I saw was a much further shot of the location than what was on the video (Why?).

      And I would say only a small percentage of my photos actual had ;location attached to them. Now I had clicked on the button to allow GPS. And most of my shots were taken with the same camera. So what happened? Hence my question: Did I delete at some point such information? Or did I do something to omit such information?

      Many of the shots were taken with the same ''roll of film" (SD card) at the same time, with the same camera and at the same location. So why would one photo have GPS coordinates and not the others?

      For the most part I have not kept my original raw NEF files. They were either converted immediately to DNG, or later to either PSD or JPG (my earlier shots)--and I also do not keep my xmp files either.