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    How do I update a licensed local copy of Lightroom 5.7?


      I shoot with a Leica, and Leica owners receive licensed local copies of Lightroom with the purchase of our camera bodies (lucky us? I'm sure the price is built in!)


      I gave the Photography Creative Cloud a try, but I don't have use for Photoshop and the CC version of Lightroom caused frustrating conflicts with the existing licensed copy on my Macbook Pro.

      When I attempt to update my local copy of Lightroom 5.7, I go to "Help" > "Check for updates..."

      • A window appears titled "Lightroom Update Available" and it lists the new software's features. HDR Merge in particular looks like something I might like to try.
      • When I click the "Download..." button, no download starts. Something really funny happens.
      • My internet browser opens and navigates to the product sales page for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC.


      How can I download the update to a local licensed copy without a subscription to the Creative Cloud?