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    How consume a XML-RPC web service n CF 7


      I am very new to using XML-RPC web services. In the past I was easily able to consume other web services in ColdFusion , which is why I love Cold Fusion! However, I need to consume a XML-RPC web service at a remote web server and I am finding it tricky and the simple instructions I usually find are non-existent in MX 7 for this topic. :(

      The web service I am consuming is for user authentication to another web site. After successfully authenticating with the web service, the web service will return a HTTP string that is unique for that user that I simply redirect the user to in order to login that user to their web application.

      The XML for their site is:








      Could someone please help me with some simple instructions on how to consume this web service using my old friend CFINVOKE? :)