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    Installing LR 6 instead of LR CC with CC?

    tswoolfinOH Level 1

      I downloaded LR CC to a Windows 7 machine with a CC subscription.


      LR CC installed, converted a catalog and ran as designed.


      After trying LR mobile on my Android tablet I decided I would rather have LR 6 with a perpetual license as LR mobile is of no use whatever for anything I have ever done or  intend to do.


      I uninstalled LR CC from the CC panel and downloaded and installed LR 6 with a paid license.


      Every time I start LR I see LR CC with all the LR mobile controls I don't want or need despite having uninstalled LR CC and reinstalled from the LR 6 download..


      There is only one executable in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom.


      How can I install LR 6 ONLY?