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    LR CC -Pentax Lens support??


      I have just get the new LR CC. New features looks great... but...

      I'm using Pentax Camera (yes... I do... )
      And in the lens correction Panel, I don't see "Pentax" as an option. In the last version of LR (5) I have access to all Pentax Lenses, even the new one...
      Is it something they have forget? Is it just me?

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          john bakd5159284

          No, not only you - I just installed Lightroom, and I don't find it either!!!

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            The same here.

            I think is a bug.

            I can manually choose the Pentax brand and supported lenses in DNG files shot with smc DA 17-70/4, which is recognized in the metadata.

            The DNG shot with HD DA 20-40/2.8-4 the metadata does not show the lens, but in Development the lens is appearing. In the JPG shot not and I cannot either select it manually since there's not Pentax brand.

            The DNG and JPG shots with other HD lenses (15, 70, 55-300) do not show neither metadata info in Library, neither allow lens correction in Development since you can not select Pentax.

            Please HELP/FIX!