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    Lightroom CC crashes on startup

    Richard Chiswell Level 1

      I just downloaded Lightroom CC and it crashes when trying to startup. Any solutions out there?

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          adobe_britt Adobe Employee

          Try signing out of the desktop app and back in: Sign in, Sign out | Creative Cloud desktop app

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            Similar problem...LR CC would not launch.  Signing out then back in worked.  Thanks adobe_britt

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              Richard Chiswell Level 1

              Many thanks - strange but think I'll hang on to LR 5 for a while just incase.



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                nope doesn't work for me. I tried signing out and signing in, doesn't work. i can't even start it up

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                  The 34ron

                  Thank you


                  Signing out and then back in again worked for me when I had the same issue.

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                    Thanks, worked for me.

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                      Signing out then back in again work for me at first.  But eventually LR CC crashed on me again.

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                        Hello everyone, I start by apologizing for my English.

                        My name is Moreno, and a hardware technician Italian.

                        I assembled a client of mine who is a photographer with a PC CPU Intel Core i5 3.5GHz 4690, Gigabyte mainboard 1150 Intel H97-HD3, video card Gigabyte GTX960 2GB GDDR5 RAM 8GB PC3 12800,1600MHz, and SSD 240 GB, in short a handsome machine.

                        He calls me and tells me that unlike Lightroom 5, 6 is not supported by the system, I forgot, windows 7 OS.

                        Basically you just threw Lightroom this was immediately closed with error:

                        Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

                        Application Name: lightroom.exe

                        Application Version: 2.7. '. 2

                        Application Timestamp: 4bb3'fdc

                        Fault Module Name: StackHash_f3da

                        Fault Module Version: 6. '. 6''2.18''5

                        Fault Module Timestamp: 49e'421d

                        Exception Code: c '' '' 374

                        Exception Offset: '' '' '' '' '' 'aef37

                        OS Version: 6. '. 6''2.2.2.'. 768.3

                        Local ID: 1'33

                        Additional Information 1: f3da

                        Additional Information 2: eaad95'313ccd1a639'fb9cb5de5933f

                        Additional Information 3: '154

                        Additional Information 4: 2fb51b7ee989e'f27ec2c6a1bcf63871

                        I uninstalled and reinstalled all products adobe the problem recurred, I went on the forum and I followed all the various tips, enter and exit ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD, rename the folders, but nothing.

                        I decide to format the operating system, install the drivers of the components, do the updates of Windows 7, convinced that the problem was solved install Lightroom 6, launch it and...........................

                        Cold shower!!!!!!!!!

                        How do I say to a photographer that the PC for more than € 1,000 it took to work does not turn a program used to work?

                        At this point I can think of a similar problem that happened to me several years ago with Windows ME, the old OS, that more than 35 years may know of PCs with Pentium 4.

                        I had installed an audio editing software, I do not remember the name, and gave me the same problem that has Ligtroom 6.

                        However I do not want to dwell even as it is already very much that I write and you are tired of reading me.

                        I resolved simply when XP came out.

                        Let me explain, the software with the hardware configuration, with Intel P4 CPU, 128MB RAM, and Asus mainboard, at the time a good machine with that OS crashed.

                        When I installed the new OS, Windows XP, the problem does not present 'more.

                        Today, with the configuration with INTEL CPU Desktop Core i5 3.5GHz 4690, MainBoard h97 and Windows 7, Lightroom 6 crash on startup, the problem is identical.

                        I think it happens that a particular combination of hardware and OS, can detrminare a conflict that does open the Software, in this case 6 Lightroom.

                        Not necessariamenta only one combination.

                        I read that some users with MAC have had the same problem, for example, a configuration and MAC OS INTEL CORE I7 4770 and a mainboard with a specific CHIP crash on startup.

                        Anyway back to us.

                        End of story, reminiscent of that 'episode I installed Windows 10, and the problem was solved.

                        Last but not least, in fact, 15 years ago I gave the blame on the software, and I do so again today.

                        I'm not a programmer, so I will not talk about things you do not know, but I'd give a look at Lightroom 6, I think there's something to fix.

                        Sorry for the length, I hope to be useful to someone.


                        CIAO A TUTTI




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                          this did not fix the problem for me. it opens and stays on the splash screen. then it says program is not responding. this is windows. im on LR CC (2015)