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    LR CC installed & running & pretty buggy. Photomerge issues and repeated crashing


      So I've installed and am successfully running LR CC on iMac with OS X Yosemite 10.10.1, 2.9GHz i5, 16Gb Ram & Nvidia GeForce GT 650M 512MB


      It had to update my catalogs before opening them, which worked fine.


      I was most excited about the photomerge capabilities and after watching this Julieanne Kost video it seemed like it would be super easy.


      I've been trying to merge 2 x Nikon D800 files and then another merge of 3 x D800 files [all were NEF's in first few attempts), they merged fine and the result looked good, but weirdly the merges file would not appear in the folder alongside the original files as per the video, i could only find them in the Smart Collection sub-folders in the Collections tab - pretty weird


      Plus when i went to see this new file in a Finder window, it first kept saying that it couldn't be found, then when i did manage to find it, it stated the file was 218.4MB (sounds about right I guess) but that the Dimensions were '0 x 0' and it wouldn't even attempt to load a preview image. These weird dimensions have been the case for every photomerge I've done, both DNG or NEF


      So I thought I'd convert them to DNG (which I've never done before) as per Julieanne's video and then try the merge.

      DNG's created fine  >  Photomerged fine  >  This time the merged file appeared next to the original files as per the video and I could even edit it in in Develop mode.


      However when I went to use the Spot Removal Tool, it all went tits up as it seems to only add a big white mark rather than Clone or Heal a spot, not sure what the hell is going on there as it seems to be doing so on all shots, not just the merged ones.


      And the merged file in Finder still states '0x0' dimensions and still with no preview.


      I should also say that inbetween all of this, LR CC has crashed MANY times, so it is definitely super-buggy, at least for me running a very new setup.



      What are your thoughts/experiences people??


      LR CC - DNG Merged.jpeg