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    After importing a Light Room catalog, the files I export, export smaller than the originals - with every option of file ending.  I want to export them as DNGs but the files are reduced from around 5000 pixels to about 1700 pixels in length.


      Hi All ~ Thanks in advance for your help! 


      I have been on a support chat with Adobe for 2 hours now and they can't figure this out but hopefully one of you can! 


      I exported my files as a LightRoom Catalog

      I zipped the catalog and the smart previews together

      I sent the zipped folder via Dropbox to a photo editor

      Editor edited the photos

      Editor exported the files as a Lightroom Catalog and zipped them

      Editor sent the LR Catalog back to me via Dropbox

      I opened the Lightroom Catalog in LR (the pixel dimensions are the same as the originals)

      I exported the photos as DNG's (which does not allow for any file size changes - I also tried JPGs and the same thing happened)

           Camera Raw 7.1 and later (I tried them all just to see - and they all rendered the same result)

           Embed Fast Load Data (checked on)

           Embed Original Raw File (check on)

      I checked the Pixel dimensions on my exported photos and they are smaller

      The original pixel dimensions are:

      4912x7360 and the new size (after exporting) is: 1709x2560


      But here's the real kicker!  WHEN I UPLOAD A PHOTO TO LIGHTROOM FROM MY COMPUTER DIRECTLY (not from a LR catalog), AND EXPORT THAT FILE, IT EXPORTS AT FULL SIZE with no change in the pixels dimensions!