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    Can't connect w/ Android

    Bankss10 Level 1

      Hi there! First, sorry for my english, I'm argentinian.


      So, I downloaded the Edge Inspect CC (from the Creative Cloud Desktop App on Windows 7) and the same on Android (from Play Store).

      I installed "Bonjour" from the "Bonjour Installer" too.

      Also, I installed the Chrome Extension, but I can't make it connect. The Extension only shows "Please start the Adobe Edge Inspect Application..." but I already have the W7 app opened.


      I attach images about my state.


      1) Chrome Extension:




      2) Desktop App:



      >When I open the Desktop App, Chrome opens: Adobe® Edge Inspect Installation Guide | Adobe Community


      3) Android App:




      4) Developer Tools ("background.html" from Extensions):




      So, what could be the problem?