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    5.7.1 won't open following update

    mijbil250456 Level 1

      I've just updated to 5.7.1 through CC, and the LR app refuses to open at all. When I click the icon, I get a flash of the loading panel, and then it disappears, it crashes every single time. There is no error message. I have had no issues with previous versions of LR CC.


      Have tried a full un-install and reinstall, restart etc. No change.


      Running an iMac v10.10, 3.4Ghz, 16gb, 1024MB graphics


      Any suggestions on how I can fix this? I really need LR and would go back to 5.7 if I could, but I'm not sure I have the option. Now I can't get on with any work.... Please fix this bug adobe!