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    Update 5.7.1 no face recognition


      Dear Community


      i've received my lightroom 5 with my canon camera.

      After reading that the update 5.7.1 adds face recognition i hit the update button but i received a 404 error at the adobe page.

      So i googled the File and downloaded it via the adobe Website.

      Lightroom_5_LS11_mac_5_7_1.dmg This told me that i'm able should be able to use face recognition. But i receive a update message that i should update lightroom

      If i look at About Program there is the right Version.

      Message about the update attached. Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-21 um 21.37.05.png


      Message about software attached.

      Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-22 um 08.18.53.png


      Thank you in advance for any suggestions.



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          I think the mistake is Lightroom treats this as a simple "update," but it's really entirely "New Software" apart from a regular update. One part of the screen says "Update," and just below it says "New Software."


          I also was mislead. You're not alone!

          Or maybe they don't have the correct update file on their website.