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    Can`t get Lightroom CC (2015) working - asking for some help ?


      Hi.... Dont know if in the wright place, but i`ll try....


      (System is MacOS, fully updated Yosemite )


      Has had Lightroom(LR) for years as my prefered photo-app, and in payed version (updated to last vers. 5.7).

      Beside this, joined the subscription solution "Creative Cloud (vers., nov. 2014....

      Know as LR comes in vers. 6 i wanted to use the possibility for the "CreativeCloud" version, so downloaded and installed.....

      But starting LR v.6 is not success-full...... presentation-screen flashes shortly, and the app shows up in Dock.... then it all disappears again !!??


      Has still my paid LRversion installed.... does function (thanks God !)

      Has absolutely had no problem with Creative Cloud, nor PS CC earlier......


      So what´s up Doc ? Do i really have to buy the LR again, or....?

      Have a huge numbers of pictures make over in LR through the years, don`t really like to uninstall payed version if that should be a matter.....?


      Sincerely, Kim, Denmark.