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    Just updated via the creative cloud app and now lightroom won't even load.


      As the title states:


      I've just updated via creative cloud app, ran lightroom from the standard shortcut on m desktop and got 5.7. Exited that and tried to run from the new shortcut. No load.


      Thought it might be to do with still having 5.7 installed, so uninstalled that via creative cloud app and it still wouldn't load. Noticed that the creative cloud app still showed lightroom as being installed (5.7 had disappeared on first uninstall). Selected uninstall again and this time it went from the installed section of the app to being an option to install.


      Installed new version and it won't load.


      Could someone please advise how to resolve this as I would like to be able to access my files and the changes I made.


      Thankyou in advance,