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    Lightroom CC won't launch


      I'm running 10.10.3 and have installed lightroom cc. I can't seem to get it to launch. Any ideas?

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          Sumit Singh Adobe Employee

          Hi Jim,

          Please try to Sign out and Sign In back into Creative Cloud Desktop app and then try.

          Sign in, Sign out | Creative Cloud desktop app


          Hope this helps.


          Sumit Singh

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            Todd Williams

            I have same problem.


            And now, after I restarted my computer, when I try to open Creative Cloud from the Menu bar icon it opens a totally blank drop down. Something is definitely messed up.

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              Todd Williams Level 1

              I have two computers. I updated both. Lightroom would not open on either.


              My first reply to this thread above reflects an attempt to see if restarting my computer would resolve the problem, but only seemed to ruin my connection to Creative Cloud via the menu bar icon approach. I also have tried to launch CC from the CC app in my Applications folder, but again w/ no success. Just a big blank drop down. I need to know how to fix this. Should I uninstall CC and reinstall? Seems like the best approach.


              On the other hand, on my other computer, I read your suggestion regarding Sign In and Sign Out, and that worked for me. Lightroom launched as expected. Thanks

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                Todd Williams Level 1

                I restarted my computer a second time, and CC app opened correctly as usual. And then proceeded w/ Sign In/Sign Out, and Lightroom 6 launched completely as you suggested.


                So all is now good on both computers...

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                  Same problem. Windows 8.1, installed it and when you double click the icon nothing happens. Signed out of CC, restarted. Signed back in, stil doesnt work. Restarted again, still doesnt work. Photoshop CC and LR 5.7 open fine.

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                    Lance Andrewes

                    Signing out of Creative Cloud and back in again did the trick for me too. I didn't have to restart Windows (8.1 x64).


                    Thank you.

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                      I so the update today 2015-04-23

                      40 minutes ago.


                      I probably should uninstall LR5 first but I didn't!

                      After update I had 2 shortcuts of light-room


                      One worked the other one didn't worked at all.

                      I uninstalled LR5 but I saved all my settings during

                      uninstall procedure.


                      After that I logged out of Desktop Creative Cloud Manager

                      (As above instruction) and, CCM located my

                      catalog automatically.


                      Know it worked.


                      ( Signing out of Creative Cloud and back in again

                      should do the trick, without the hassle I did )

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                        I have the same problem. So far I have tried reinstalling, rebooting, restarting the CC app and still a program that doesn't launch. Can someone confirm that the app should be called "Adobe Lightroom" and not Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 or anything else on a Mac.

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                          Songline Level 1

                          This does not work for me, do you have any other suggestions?

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                            Lance Andrewes Level 1

                            Hi Songline.


                            That's correct. On the Mac the application icon is named "Adobe Lightroom", and that's how it appears in the Applications folder. After I upgrading through Creative Cloud I had two icons on my desktop - one for the old version, and the new one. I went into the Applications folder and sent the old version (I think it was named "Adobe Lightroom 5.7.2") to Trash. When Adobe Lightroom is run, the splash-screen identifies the new version as "Photoshop Lightroom CC 2015 Release".


                            It's much the same on Windows, except that the old version (5.7.x) can be uninstalled directly from the "Adobe Creative Cloud" application, on the Apps tab.

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                              Songline Level 1

                              But Lightroom 6 or whatever you want to call it won’t launch. I’m afraid to uninstall 5.7 incase that will be it. Are you saying I MUST un-install 5.7 in order for 6 to work?

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                                Songline Level 1

                                Lance, Are you saying I MUST uninstall 5.7 in order for 6 to work? My new CC 2015 LR will not launch. And why would they name everything else CC 2014/2105 an decide to revert to an old name like Lightroom???????

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                                  Lance Andrewes Level 1

                                  Hi again Songline. My response was just about the names. But no, you don't have to uninstall the previous version for version 6 to work. I was able to run Lightroom CC (2015) on my Mac immediately after installing the new version from the Creative Cloud app. I then chose to uninstall the 2014 version because I didn't need to run it again, and having two icons was confusing.


                                  As for the renaming, it happens all the time. The splash-screen when you start Lightroom does indeed say "Photoshop Lightroom CC 2015 Release", and I think the standalone version will say "Photoshop Lightroom 6".


                                  Does Photoshop CC still run on your Mac? If it does then that at least indicates you are activated. If it was me in the same situation, I'd make sure I had a backup of my catalog (presumably yours hasn't been upgraded yet, since that happens when LR runs for the first time). I'd then try sending Lightroom to Trash again, sign-out of Creative Crowd, reboot, sign into Creative Cloud, then reinstall LR. If still no luck then you might have to contact Adobe Support.

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                                    Songline Level 1


                                    Thanks for the response. I’ll give it one more shot and then give up on it until 6.01 or whatever they will call it. PS works, PP works, the LR5.7 works.

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                                      Lance Andrewes Level 1

                                      Just one more thing - I just noticed this in Lightroom Queen's "what's new" post. In reference to the new release, she says "To uninstall, you MUST run the uninstaller. This is usual behavior for Windows, but Mac users will mess things up by just trashing the app."


                                      For version 5.7, I simply sent it to Trash. Not sure if Creative Cloud had an Uninstall option for 5.7, but if you're uninstalling LR (2015) prior to a reinstall - then you need to be sure to do so from Creative Cloud. It's a little odd how Adobe have implemented the uninstall function. The "cog" icon only appears when you hover over each application in the Creative Cloud app.


                                      Hope you've been successful anyway.

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                                        Thank you SO much. You solved it. You are a hero !!