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    Sound end

      I'm playing an internal sound using the behaviour code and then trying to find out when the track has come to the end. I've tried putting .duration and .position in the following code but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help?
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          mxc Level 1
          I cannot see from your code how you have set up your sound file but...
          Make sure you have attached the sound with the correct linkage id. For example if you have a sound in your library called 'mysound' and the linkage properities are set as mysound , the following code will work.

          var mysound:Sound = new Sound();
          mysound.onSoundComplete = function(){
          trace('mysound finished, do something now')
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            domconlon Level 1
            That's the trick. Many thanks. I shall slink off and feel stupid now :)
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              mxc Level 1
              Your welcome.. dont worry I often feel stupid too.. :)