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    Playback stopped working in Flash Professional



      I was working with Flash Professional CC with no issues and I either accidentally changed a setting I cannot seem to change back or something wonky is going on.


      All of a sudden, when I try to playback my video in Flash Professional, nothing happens. I click the play button and the program seems to do everything as if it were playing back (minus the playback cursor moving) but it isn't playing anything! I tried to see if it would play when exported to an swf and the same thing happens. The "play" button is clicked and the program acts as if it is playing but nothing is going on. When I click move forward/back a frame it works but the play feature does not work. I am doing the exact same things I did earlier on in the project and they worked without any issue.


      Could it be that my file hit a certain size and now it isn't playing? That doesn't seem possible, my fle is only 6MB.


      Please help!!

      Adobe Animate CC Ned Murphy - I saw you answer a few other questions, I hope you might know!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          do you mean an flvplayback control is not working in a swf that you are creating?

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            nbendaat Level 1

            Hi kglad, thanks for replying!


            It actually wasn't working when playing the swf AND while trying to playback the animation while still in the Flash timeline. It seemed like something happened with that particular file. After restarting my computer and Flash several times, I tried an older version I saved of the project and that one was playing correctly in Flash and in the swf. I worked off that version and finished the project. Still no idea what caused my other file to stop playing back...I think it was either corrupted somehow or I hit an unknown setting.


            Thanks in advance if you have any ideas!