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    Verity search ranking


      I've been playing around with verity and was wondering if there is a way to modify the way verity does its ranking.

      Say I'm looking for Foo Bar, but I'd like to include those with just Foo and those with just Bar, but those should be right at the end (low score). How can I achieve this?
      Using OR will give documents with Foo, documents with Bar, and documents with both Foo and Bar the same score (0.7967). And if I do an ANDed search I only get the last one (which I'd expect). Is there a way express my request better, or configure verity to index around my own personal taste.

      Search Term:
      Foo Bar

      Order I'd like:
      documents with both Foo and Bar (score ~1.0)
      documents with just Foo (score ~0.5)
      documents with just Bar (score ~0.5)