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    Change border-color on rollOver


      Maybe i'ts a stupid question but I don't know how to change the border-color on a rollOver of a button.
      I test with <mx:Style> and I change the color of the text with 'text-roll-over-color' but I don't know how to change the border
      The default color on a rollOver is blue and I want to change that...

      Thanks for your response.
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          peterent Level 2
          The color of the border is governed by the themeColor. You'll notice that all rollovers have a blue hue. That's the default themeColor.

          You can change the themeColor everywhere by adding themeColor to the <mx:Application>, either on the tag itself or in a type selection in a style sheet.

          If you want to change the color of a specific button, put the themeColor on that button (or associated class selector in a style sheet).

          <mx:Button label="Stop!" themeColor="0xFF0000" ... />