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    Lr6: Import FACES from Aperture?


      Hi there,


      I just upgraded to Lr6. Before I initiate the "faces" function I wonder if Lr6 can import the faces from my Aperture library.

      I would appreciate your feedback since I am really nervous that I have to all the work for faces again. >30,000 pictures!




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          Unfortunately Faces in Aperture are converted to keywords in Lightroom, even though Lightroom 6 has facial recognition. This is one of the main reasons I'm not switching from Aperture/Photos to Lightroom yet. I can't stand to lose hours and hours of work. Hopefully Adobe improves the importer soon!

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            Agreed.  But don't think Adobe has updated it since November.  I can't validate that without running Lightroom for myself.


            I won't subscribe until I can actually a successful conversion from Aperture, or until I have one helpful support experience.  Since the last demand is completely out of the question, I'll just have to keep testing every couple months.

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              Spoke with Adobe support twice now.  From what I gather given the culture barrier, Adobe is working on a version of the plug-in that is aware of faces in Aperture.


              I have 48,000 images, so I know what you mean.


              I've run a test from what pieces of my Aperture Library I have been able to import.  Faces in Lightroom seems to do a better job:

              1-recognizing faces

              2-matching similar faces

              3-workfow optimized for tagging


              Adobe may or may not pull through.  Appears that 80% of the work could be done through automated recognition and integrating using Aperture face tag data into the facial identification workflow.  The much worse aspect to that is the non-recognized faces.  Since the process of tagging folks in Lightroom goes against the Aperture tag, there isn't a good way to filter what photos still need to be tagged.  Still working on that.  One option might be to use something like LR Bob Smith as the tag in Lightroom, so you can then create a filter to narrow down assignments that haven't been made, then merge the two tags.

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                I also looking to upgrade from Aperture,  that the loss of all the face tags is too much. I have a large historical collection of family photographs and scanned images,  Going back several generations. Converting the faces to keywords will not help with maintaining the archive as in a lot of the  older formal photos are multiple individuals and now no living person who can help me in the tagging who is who.


                I would like to move to a supportive product,  but until somebody produces an import tool that protects the  very significant amount of time that has gone in I am unlikely to  subscribe to Lightroom.  indeed it was a lack of the support for faces that  calls me to decide to use Aperture over like room in the 1st place