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    Buttons do not appear in alternate layouts

    Debra Rogers


      I have a 45 page app.  Each page has button on it that call other pages, play video, or call an MSO


      When I create alternate layouts not all the buttons appear on the new layout

      the buttons that DO appear are:

      1. A button that calls n MSO with two states

      2. A button that calls a video to play


      The buttons that do not appear in the new layout are buttons that call another page in the book.


      I have hundreds of buttons in the app/book.  All the buttons are on their own layer in each document and that layer is at the top of the layer panel.


      How can I make the buttons show up on alternate pages?


      If I have to copy and paste the buttons to the new layouts - is there a method that the copy and paste command actually keeps the link, so I don't have to relink every button on each of the new layouts... that is a big nuisance.


      So.. I guess I have two questions:

      1. How to make the buttons automatically appear on alternate layouts

      2. If they won't appear how can copy and paste have some brains?