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    Possible bug in LR6 (CC) re: keyword list

    loonsailor Level 1

      Something strange is happening in my new LRcc that seems like a bug, but maybe there's some new behavior that I don't understand.


      When I try to add a new keyword by clicking on '+' in the "keywork list" header, the new keyword doesn't go into the list.  It does go into the "recent keywords" set in the Keywording panel.  It also gets attached as a tag to a selected photo if I have that box ticked when I create the keyword.  But, nothing in the list.  On the other hand, if I create a new keyword that's a sub of an existing keyword, by right-clicking on, say, "birds" in my keyword list and selecting "create keyword tag inside birds", the keyword does appear.  I've confirmed that this worked as expected in LR5.  Is there some new procedure for putting a new keyword in the list, or is this just a bug?  Or, am I doing something stupid (always a distinct possibility).


      Newest LR CC release, MacOS 10.10.2 on a MacPro.


      Thanks, in advance, for any guidance or fix.

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          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

          Are you working with People Keywords? There's a new filter option at the top of the Keyword list which allows you to select what type of keywords you want displayed. The choices are All, People, Other. Check what you have set, and if needed change it to All, then see if your missing keywords appear.

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            loonsailor Level 1

            No, that wasn't the problem (I hadn't ticked the "people" option on the keyword, and I was showing "all" keywords in the list) but I did figure it out.  Turns out that one of my keywords had the "Put new Keywords inside this Keyword" option set, which meant that my new keywords didn't show up at the top level, but were inside my keyword "teams" where I couldn't see them.  I'm not sure if that option existed in LR5, and I definitely don't know why it was turned on for "teams", but turning that off fixed the problem.