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    little guidance for a newbei

      here's what I want to do. So far the site was made with asp. But now I want to make it with Flash. So, basicly, I want to keep all the asp - DB (Access) communication. I want that is all happening on one page - no matter where the user wants to go, he/she doesn't leave the page, only the swfs are changing. Is it better that Flash sends all the variables to asp and than asp tells back the flash which movie must be loaded and also send the new content or is better that Flash only sends those variables to asp that are needed for the right content to be send from DB to Flash via asp and tell which movie must be loaded internally?Does that make any sense? I was thinking using XML to prepare data for Flash. Here's my question. When the user clicks on the title of the news, he/she can read the whole news (new SWF loads). How do I create the link (title) so it sends all the variables (which movie, news ID, ...) to asp?

      These are just questions to start. Any ideas, guidance, suggestions, where to look?The asp is not a problem, the Flash could be. ;-)

      THX for any help
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          it's usually better to have flash only send the variables needed by the asp program and to have the asp response returned to flash so flash can perform all actions using the returned data.

          to send specific variables, use the LoadVars() class. you have more control over what variables are and are not sent compared to using getURL() and loadVariables() which are other functions/methods that can be used to communicate between flash and asp.