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    lightroom cc will not install because of vcredist


      I'm trying to install LR CC, but the installation fails. The reason is that vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_x64.exe won't install. I followed Adobe's suggestion of downloading these executables from Microsoft, but the installation from those failed. I checked Control Panel, and they are both installed. So, I unpacked one of the executables and tried to install from the msi program. That told me what is going on: Adobe's version is older than the one already on my computer (Adobe has packaged the 2010 versions), and current versions of windows won't allow overwriting the newer with the older.


      I clearly have the functions, as LR 5.7 runs just fine.


      It's impossible to get through to Adobe now; the phone support is out, and the chat line just keeps telling me that they are busy.


      Does anyone know a way to solve this?


      Thanks very much.