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    Convert fonts to style?

    Ambari Level 1

      I have a book created with multiple chapters. I am using the italicized version of fonts for italics. When I export to eBook, how do I maintain this formatting since there is no way to tag or otherwise demarcate italics in InDesign?


      In other words:

      <font1.regular>"I told you I <font1.italic>have<font1.regular> to go to this meeting."


      In the print version it looks like


      "I told you I have to go to this meeting."


      But in the ebook version it will look like


      "I told you I have to go to this meeting." since it doesn't actually tag the other font as an italic. Right? I've never used InDesign with ebooks before and I know so little I don't even understand what most of the documentation is saying.

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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you export to ePub, there's an option to "preserve local

          overrides." If you make sure that's checked, it should preserve your

          italics on export.


          That said, it would be better to create a character style just for

          italics, and apply that to all italics in the book. (And other character

          styles for other styling elements such as bold, superscript, etc.)


          That way, you'd be avoiding local overrides.

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            Ambari Level 1

            Okay, off to Google "Character Style". Thanks!

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              Ambari Level 1

              Okay, so I'm still kind of confused. I can set up character and paragraph styles but I'm still using a FONT to delineate ITALICS. I need to tell the ePUB converter that font1.regular should be styled without any special styling, and that font1.italic should be in italics. Because there is no italic setting in InDesign, I still don't know how to make there automatically be italics in the ePUB except to create an entirely different file and manually convert every single instance of italics to italics in XML in a text editor. This seems mindbogglingly tedious. Is my question making sense?

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                Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                Did you set up your Character Style including export tags?