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    Lightroom can't find Smart Previews?


      I have a Photographer trying to send me files via Smart Previews in Lightroom. She wants the edited files returned to her in the original NEF formats that she sent them in.

      Here's what I've done:


      1. I downloaded her original LR Catalog that you sent me, and also downloaded the original Smart Preview file that she sent.

      2. I put both of them in one folder together on my desktop

      3. I went to that folder and clicked on the Lightroom Catalog - it opened, but it said that the Photos could not be found. They are showing as NEF files.

      4. Since the photos couldn't be found, I clicked on the Smart Preview file. This caused the photos to open in Lightroom - but when they open, they suddenly are DNG files, and in Lightroom it shows them as being "Original Photos" instead of "Smart Previews"

      5. Since they are opened as DNG files, that is what they are showing up in her LR view as since, I am attaching the Smart Previews to the photos that I've edited.


      The part that is baffling me is that a) when the LR Catalog and the Smart Preview file are in the same folder, and I open the LR Catalog, it is showing photos as missing and not picking up on the Smart Preview file in the same folder. And - b) Once I click on the Smart Preview files, it's converting them instantly to DNG files, and showing them as Original photos, instead of Smart Previews. It's almost like there is something wrong with the Smart Preview file? Or am I missing a step here?