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    Why do I get a blue rectangle covering photo in Develop module?

    MPDAEF Level 1

      I have purchased upgrade to LR6 (or is it LR CC?).  The new software downloaded, installed, updated the catalog so it seems to function normally.  When I first opened the program, it seemed ok, but soon a large blue rectangle (with an X across it) appeared over the selected photo in the Library module.  I signed out and signed back in; I restarted my computer.  The rectangle was still there, but I saw that no module was highlighted.  When I clicked on Library, the rectangle disappeared.  So, I thought I'd fixed the problem.  BUT, the rectangle persists in the Develop module (only there).  The controls do seem to work (if I click the crop rectangle, I can see it in the upper right preview window), but I can't see through the rectangle to actually edit anything. 


      Any ideas?  (I run Windows 7, 64-bit)


      Gail Goldey