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    Administrator locked himself out! Help!

      Call me dumb -- but call me! Or rather, tell me how to get out of this mess I just created for myself.

      I'm the Contribute 3 administrator for a site for one of our clients. He got a message saying he needed a new connection key. As the administrator, I first wanted to test the basic functionality, so I created a new connection key for a user with minimal privileges -- fewer than my client, and not an administrator.

      Then, to test the new key, I closed Contribute, then double-clicked on the new key. I got a message asking if I wanted to replace the existing key. I assumed this meant just for the moment, and clicked yes.

      Well, the new key does connect with the site, but without the editing privileges my client needs. And I am no longer the administrator.of the site, but rather this minimal user. By clicking "yes" to "replace existing key?" I changed my identity. I don't know the password for the administrator connection key I created years ago. And I can't give administrator privileges to the identity based on the new connection key, because Contribute knows there is already an existing administrator for the site.

      Of course, that "existing administrator" is me, but I've locked myself out and lost the key (or rather, the password for the key), so there is no way I can tell Contibute, "Hey, it's me, the Administrator, let me in!" And I also can't start over, because Contribute is reserving the Administrator's chair for me.

      So what the heck do I do now?