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    Link to PDF files

      We added a page to our HTML Help with a set of links to PDF files (our user guides). When the CHM was compiled, we noticed that the size increased dramatically - as if the PDFs were added to the CHM. However, the links open the PDFs from the path specified in the ref. If you open the CHM locally, it cannot locate the PDF.
      Does the compiler add the PDFs to the CHM? Is there a better way to add links to external documents outside the CHM?
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          Hi KShortt and welcome to our community

          Perhaps a series I concocted will help here.

          Click here to begin reading the series

          Cheers... Rick
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            You can certainly use the shortcut control, as in Rick's instructions. I give another method here, the difference is that the parser function will open the .pdf file in the help browser window, while the shortcut control will open it in a new window.

            Another way is to use the parser function provided by Microsoft for this purpose. I've attached the code you would put in your <HEAD> section. Then call with ONCLICK="parser('yourfile.pdf')"

            to address your question, I'm never sure when the compiler adds files to the compiled help. But if you remove the .pdfs from your project folder before compilation, they won't be included. Sometimes the compiler throws in the files if it finds a link to them, even if you intend the link to be external.

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