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    Hiding a child object

    cratica Level 1
      I have a model (group) and I want to hide (visibility = #none) a child of this object.

      It's a character and he's wearing a cap. I want to be able to either have the cap visible or not.

      Unfortunately, the 'visibility' command doesn't seem to work with the '.child' command. I can hide the entire model(group) by...

      member("ballplayer").model("group01").visibility = #none

      and display it by...

      member("ballplayer").model("group01").visibility = #front

      but that's not what I want. I want this...

      member("ballplayer").model("group01").child("cap").visibility = #none

      Unfortunately, this gives me an error.

      QUESTION: Is it possible to hide a child object?

      (going around this problem only led to other problems, for instance, I tried to make the cap it's own
      object so I could then hide it, but then it would load into the scene in the wrong place and wrong orientation. I can fix this using translate/rotate but even so, it is then not following the animation of the head. Yes it does move with the character but it doesn't follow the biped animation/bones of the head. Bottom line is, trying to find a work around to an otherwise seemingly simple problem of hiding the cap opens up a whole new can of worms so to speak) Text