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    data merge multiple records


      i am attempting to put together a catalog of over 400 products. each page is to contain 32 products, 4 columns each with 8 rows.

      each cell will contain both text (product number, price, description, etc.) and images.


      i have constructed a template of how i want the page to look in regards to columns and rows.

      i have also selected the date source and mapped the fields.

      i have been able to go as far as to merge the document of multiple records.

      however, instead of the records all showing up on the same page, each one has its own page.


      how can i fix this?

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, make sure that you have only one instance of your data fields per page. The multiple record options will fill in the rest. Next, there can be nothing else on the page; everything on the page will be repeated.


          There are two ways to handle the other page items (headers, footers, page numbers, etc.)


          1) Put those things on the Master page, and only your Data Fields and accompanying items on the document page.


          2) Add the other page items after the merge is done.