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    LR6/CC Panorama Bug


      Love the new Panorama and HDR Features in LR6. I was hoping for such a feature for quite a few years now. Finally, it's here!


      I found that, when handling a little more images - like 20. The merge function tends to start with the center image on the left side, which makes it connect the actual edges of the panorama in the center of the stiched image.

      Here's an example.

      Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 18.58.16.png

      The left and right edge would actually connect. Is there a way to tell LR? Would be a nice option - especially for 360° Panoramas - to tell LR where to wrap.



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          michaelh22195389 Level 1

          Hey guys! I can't be the only one with this issue. Come on!

          Any input would be great.


          Adobe, are you aware of this?

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            Tanja2014 Level 3

            panoramas = autopano


            sorry but i had no great hopes for LIGHTROOMS basic panorma feature from the start.


            i expected it to be as good as the panorma feature in my smartphone.... and it is.


            complicated panos show many issues. even simple ones show issues (not as grave as yours but visible)

            a dedicated panorma tool beats it all day.


            also as the output is a LINEAR DNG (demosaiced) it´s not THAT much better as a 16 BIT tiff file.

            imho that feature is a bit hyped (wow the result is a RAW... well kind of).


            i prefer to edit the images first in LR and then use a dedicated panorama program for stitching.


            sorry if that does not help.... but adobe sure did not put as much effort into this feature as the guys from autopano or ptgui.


            the pano feature in lightroom is dumbed down. i guess made for mobile users (doesn´t matter for 1280 pixel wide panos on facebook and co.).

            you have no influence on the stitching. no way to manually guide the stitching process in difficult areas.

            for serious photographer it ´s pretty much a useless feature.

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              Bob Somrak Level 6

              I can't see where the left and right edge are going to connect as they look like they DO NOT overlap.

              michaelh22195389 wrote:


              The left and right edge would actually connect. Is there a way to tell LR? Would be a nice option - especially for 360° Panoramas - to tell LR where to wrap.


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                michaelh22195389 Level 1

                Thanks for your reply. Trust me. They DO overlap. I have stiched it in PS successfully. The screenshot is obviously cropped.

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                  michaelh22195389 Level 1

                  I'm sure you do crazy amazing panoramas! And I'm sure there is dedicated software out there. Actually I know, because I've used other software 10 years ago.

                  But that's not the point of my post. It's about the LR panorama feature, not any other one. And it has a flaw that can probably be fixed easily.


                  My question was only if there is already a feature to fix this, that I may have missed. And - if not - make Adobe aware of it.


                  Btw. what more do you want than a linear (float point) DNG file??? I'm well aware this is no "real" raw sensor data. That's because it's not from a sensor anymore!!!

                  But it has all the latitude and tonal range of one. I like this way better than heavy duty tiff files. - And I can stich most of my shots by pressing 3 keys.

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                    Tanja2014 Level 3

                    i have nothing against linear DNG... just the hype created around it is not justified imho.

                    scott kelby mentions this in every second sentence as if it´s something that will lift your editing to a new level.


                    honestly i see no better editing latituded compared to 16 bit tiff for panos (or 32 bit tiff for HDR´s).

                    and with tiff i can have layers.


                    i know linear DNG has some benefits.. it´s just not that big a deal in my opinion for panos.

                    A usual TIFF file that comes out the back end of a raw converter has already been rendered, i.e., it has been mapped to a standard color space, it has been tone mapped, white balancing has been done, etc. More technically, the image is output-referred.

                    In contrast, the linear DNG is still scene-referred and can still benefit from many of the operations typically performed by a raw converter, such as white balance, the application of a camera color profile, HDR compositing, etc.


                    i would have prefered other features than linear DNG output if adobe had asked me.

                    if i do the RAW editing to the unstitched images or later to the stitched panorama... not a big deal in my opinion. sure not with my workflow.

                    but the tools LR is missing are a big deal for me.


                    but as always it matters what you want to do.

                    for me lightrooms pano tool is just a gimmick to fill the feature list for now.

                    it lacks way too much in it´s current state to be usefull for me.

                    you basically have no influence on the stitching.

                    i tried a few of my more difficult interiors and the stitching was never usefull.


                    but then i know that many are even happy with the pano features of their smartphones.

                    and that´s absolutely fine... i just wanted to say "don´t expect too much".