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    View interactive PDF online?




      Anyone know if there are any PDF viewers out there which support interactive PDF documents, made and exported from Indesign?


      What i want is to create a print catalog for a client in Indesign and an interactive version of the same catalog for online publication.

      Most viewers i've come across don't support the interactive functions made in Indesign. When you upload a catalog the viewers

      convert them to it's own format. So you have to put on all interactive elements and functions in their management tool, which is,

      in my opinion, worthless (a lot of extra job).


      So, why do i want some kind of viewer? First, due to demands by my client, whom think an ordinary PDF haven't got the

      professional look as some viewers got. Second, it has to work in all platforms and devices (both the design as well as the functions).

      Third, it has to be online, with no demand on my clients customers to download an program as Reader etc.


      So, if anyone have any ideas how to solve this problem, please howl ;).


      One more thing, the PDF solution must be cheaper than the printed version (therefor we can't make an app) and the work must be

      done in Indesign to be graspable (the catalog is going to be made in over 20 languages for as many countries).


      Thank's in advance!



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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          For comprehensive interactivity to work in a PDF, the only solution is Acrobat/Reader plugin. You can configure Chrome and Firefox to use Acrobat/Reader, but keep in mind the process requires either application to be installed. And the PDF will be downloaded, then opened in the corresponding application, as opposed to viewed through browser. Simple interactive elements like hyperlinks will work in most browser's default PDF viewer.

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            naibaf73 Level 1

            Thank you for a quick answer Jeffrey!


            I was afraid that it didn't exist a fully compatible online viewer with full support for an Indesign created interactive PDF.

            I'll have to rethink on this one, or see if there are possibilities to build one.


            Have a great weekend!



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              naibaf73 Level 1

              Hi again,


              I was thinking if you are able to get online access to an interactive PDF through a file sharing service like Dropbox?

              Theoretically it should work to embed the Dropbox link, for example in a frame on a webpage or through a newsletter

              in an email? Then it should be accessable on any browser, without the potential customer needing to download a plugin etc.

              Or maybe i'm missing something here, any thoughts?



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                Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

                It doesn't matter if the PDF is shared on a dropbox or other cloud service or embedded on a webpage, the visitor's browser configuration will determine how they interact with the PDF, whether the PDF is downloaded or viewed with plugin/viewer.