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    error code 50 installing Adobe creative cloud


      I cannot get rid of this error message when trying to install adobe creative cloud desktop.  I was able to remove the old installation using the cleaner too, but cannot get a new installation to install.

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          Pattie-F Level 7

          Hi Holly,


          Please see Error "Failed to Install" Creative Cloud Desktop application at this link- http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/failed-install-creative-cloud-desktop.html for information on how to resolve your error.  If you continue to receive the error 50 can you please post a screen shot of the error?



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            davet85363853 Level 1

            I had this same error when I would use the CC Cleaner tool to Uninstall the Creative Cloud Desktop package that was created using the CCPackager tool.

            After uninstalling the CC Desktop package, it would fail to reinstall with exit code 1603.  I checked the PDApp.log and it showed a FATAL error "The bootstrapper Process return code (50). Stopping the Installation."

            My solution to allow the reinstall of the CCDesktop package was in the wrapper script (vbscript) to install the package I had to do the following:
            TASKKILL.exe /F /IM explorer.exe /T  (kills any explorer.exe processes)
            Install the Creative Cloud Desktop package

            oWSH.Run "explorer.exe"  (creates an explorer.exe process)


            I believe the reason explorer.exe needs to be killed first is because the CC Desktop includes the "Creative Cloud Files" symbolic link under Favorites in the Windows Explorer window.  I noticed that the first time I installed the package interactively, the MSI itself does kill the explorer process and recreates it, so I'm not sure why on a reinstall it isn't able to do it as well.


            I suggest if you are deploying this silently via SCCM you only install it when no user is logged on.

            When you use the CCPackager tool to create a package for the CC Desktop simply uninstalling the MSI using msiexec will not actually remove the CC Desktop.

            This appears to be by design by Adobe as they don't want this component to be uninstalled from the PC when you remove these CC packages.

            The only silent uninstaller I can find for the CC Desktop was using the CC Cleaner tool.