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    AE Comp importing into PPro  is scaled up!


      I've been doing a rush job on a presentation and just as I'm finishing I create and End panel in AE to bring into PPro.

      The Comp in AE is in the project with 4 other comps in the same AE project which worked fine.

      I duplicated a comp, lost the assets, with the exception of BKGD and Lights added a new movie and a previously made in the project comp.


      Looks decent, I save, Import via media browser and everything is scaled up!!!

      The comps and PPro project are identical in size, 1280x720.AE Screen Shot.pngPPro Screen shot.png


      I did notice the preview Pane in AE shows it cut off like in PPro but I am not sure why it is doing this.


      I've tried exporting a movie, Rebooting several times, Caches Cleared, Nothing seems to correct this issue.


      Any Ideas??


      BTW CC14

      MacPro Cylinder  2013

      Yosemite 10.10.3

      Thanks In advance