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    Can't locate LR5 serial number to upgrade to LR6




      I just purchased the upgrade from LR5 to LR6. Upon installation, a message pops up telling me that it the serial number is correct for the one i just purchased but it cant find a previous version. It gives me the chance to enter manually. So i choose that I have LR5 and then it wants the serial number. I have searched the internet for 2 hours now trying to find a way of getting this number. Nothing is coming up on my adobe account under products or orders. I looked from within Lightroom itself but it only gives me half a number the rest is starred out. Can anybody please tell me how to find my serial number so i can just input it and download 6 and play!!!



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          dj_paige Level 9

          Search your computer, using your operating system's search feature, for a file whose name ends with .lrreg and your serial number is in there.


          I feel compelled to point out that you should be storing your serial numbers somewhere (not just Lightroom but for ALL of your purchased software). This can be on a piece of paper, or even better yet in a text file stored in the cloud so you can never lose them.