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    not all disc menu options present


      I have been using Premier Elements for years.  I know there should be several choices for the final disc menu.  I am only seeing 2 when I open the disc menu option.  How do I get the rest to appear?  I am using PE 13 on MacBook Pro.  Used it in February with no issues, now issues.

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          Which 2 Movie Menus are you seeing and how did you access these 2 Movie Menus .....

          Tools Menu/Movie Menu or Tools Menu/Movie Menu and then Movie Menu display...?


          First thing I would like you to do is the go into the files and folders on the computer to determine if the Movie Menu files and folders still exist on your computer.


          For those Movie Menus which come complete with the program installation, follow the instruction of Martin P


          Premiere Elements Mac user Martin P tracked down the Premiere Elements Mac counterpart and wrote:


          OK, mac users - this is what you need to do.


          Go to Macintosh HD --> Applications --> Adobe Premiere Elements 13 --> Support Files


          RIGHT CLICK on Adobe Premiere Elements.app (NOT Adobe Premiere Elements 13. app), Select "Show Package Contents". Here you'll find DVD Templates --> Common --> Slideshows

          See Posts 16 to 28




          For those Movie Menus which install with the program, but are incomplete and require content download, follow the path and instructions.


          Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Premiere Elements/13.0/Online/DVD Templates/All_Lang/

          See bha51 Post 12 https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1804894


          Once we know that the Movie Menu files and folders are or are not on the computer, then we will decide what next.


          Thank you.