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    Lightroom 6 Slideshow issues


      I have been using the Lightroom slideshow features all the time, and was very excited when I saw the Lightroom 6 improvements (i.e. multiple audio files, sync with music beat, etc). I am running the stand alone LR 6.0 (Camera Raw 9.0), on my 2008 Mac Pro with 20GB ram and OS X 10.9.5. I started using the slideshow of LR6 10 hours ago and so far I had nothing but problems with slideshow. I am quite happy with the new HDR and Panorama features, and they worked very well. Just problem with the slideshow module so far:


      (1) I could not add any audio files (using only MP3 files so far) to be used as 'MUSIC'. I always received an 'ADD RESULTS' window that states " Can't add those music files to Lightroom > Muscid file format is bad (1) > xyz.mp3". Some of the mp3 field have been successfully used in LR5 slideshows. So far, I have tried about 10 different mp3 files and all received the same error message as above. It did not matter whether I tried to add a single mp3 file or multiple mp3 files. I haven' tested any other audio file formats. All those 'problematic' mp3 files play fine with iTune or my iPod, and some of them have been used to create slideshow in LR 5 before.

      slideshow Problem.jpg

      (2) The "Preview" or "Play" seems to be not working. I selected only 2-3 raw files and tried to do a very simple slideshow (using the "Simple" Lightroom Templates). The "Preparing slideshow" took forever and the progress was painfully slow, if there was any progress at all. I still haven't been able to create a simple slideshow using LR 6 after hours.



      Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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          I also have the same problem - Newly installed Lightroom 6 Slideshow "Preview" and "Play' not working.

          Can anybody help?

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            I am also have the same issue in Lightroom CC when adding music to a slideshow. I have some songs from itunes that load and play just fine. But the others come back with the error box "file format is bad". HELP!!



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              I see these queries remain unanswered.

              I have the same problem with stand alone Lightroom 6.3.

              I have set up a slideshow, but when I pressed the "Preview" key it merely states - "Preparing Slideshow - preparing preview for slide 2" as indicated in Stephen's query.

              The slideshow contains 75 photographs & videos - I left it running all night and in the morning the screen reflected - "preparing preview for slide 13". i.e.prepared 13 slides in about 8 hours!!

              Please HELP - very frustrating!