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    Lightroom CC slow to launch

    snerkler Level 1

      I've just installed Lightroom CC and finding it slow to launch, taking between 10-12 seconds whereas Lightroom 5 takes less than 5s. Is anyone else finding this and know if there's a way to speed it up?


      I'm running a Macbook Pro with 2.2GHZ i7 Quad core processor, 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD drive.

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          zeetoe25 Level 1

          Hi Snerkler,


          I'm having the same problem!  I read a comment on Lightroom Killer Tips blog to disable sync with mobile, uncheck auto-update, and do not show splash screen.  None of that worked for me.  Because of the slow launch, I'm not using it.  I'm sticking with LR 5.7 until I can figure out, why the slowness of LR CC.  Let me know if you stumble upon an answer.



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            Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Many LR CC slowness problems are solved  by turning off graphic card acceleration in Preferences->Performance. Try if it makes a difference here.

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              zeetoe25 Level 1

              Hi Jao vdL,


              I tried turning off graphic card acceleration, but it didn't work.  It takes about 5 seconds for the splash screen to show and once it comes up, it takes 35 seconds for the program to appear.  LR 5 only took 2 seconds for splash screen and 7 seconds for program to appear.  Quite a difference.  Thanks for the suggestion, but no cigar!

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                snerkler Level 1

                Thanks will try this.


                On the whole I find LRcc slower as my computer was powerful enough that adjustments were instantaneous anyway. Whilst the new system (using graphics card acceleration) is supposed to help with this, adobe themselves say that this makes is slower loading images, switching between images and zooming in. So as I had no delay making adjustments before, all adobe have done for me is create a delay in switching between images and zooming, oh and loading in the first place Heal/clone is painfully slow too if you brush anything larger than the brush itself.


                Turning off graphics card acceleration doesn't appear to make any noticeable difference.

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                  snerkler Level 1

                  zeetoe, whilst mine is slow to load, it's not as slow as yours.Splash screen comes up almost instantly, but then it takes 12-15s to load the program.


                  I'm using Mac with 2.2Ghz i7 quad core, 16GB RAM, and 1TB SSD.

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                    Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    >Heal/clone is painfully slow too if you brush anything larger than the brush itself.

                    This was completely fixed by turning off the gpu acceleration for me. You might need to quit out of Lightroom and start it again to see the change. The brush and clone/heal was unusable with it on for me. I am noticing that the gpu stuff is only useful with the most extreme graphics cards and 4k and bigger displays.

                    zeetoe25: I don't know why it is taking so long for you. Does it also do this with a fresh, empty catalog?

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                      snerkler Level 1

                      Thanks Jao, I'll try closing the program down and restarting after turning GPU off and see if I notice any difference.

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                        zeetoe25 Level 1



                        Sounds like you have the power machine to run LR-CC and PS-CC.  I'm using an iMac 27-in-64bit, 2.9Ghz Intel i5, 32GB Ram, and 1TB hard drive with half of it available.  I keep most of my photos on a 3TB external firewire hard drive.  PS-CC 2014 works just fine and I have no problems with Adobe Camera Raw ... it's fast for me.  It seems to me that as they try making LR faster and add more stuff, it just keeps getting slower.  The best version for me was 4.  Anyway good luck.  For now I'm going into PS ACR and do all my Raw photo processing until they solve the issues with LR-CC.



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                          zeetoe25 Level 1



                          Yep, it is slow no matter what I do.  I gave Snerkler my machine info ... there's no way it should be this slow.  Oh, and I did restart my whole computer when I disabled GPU acceleration.  PS-CC 2014 works just fine and ACR is quick too!  I think Adobe has ruined LR with trying to make it a program unto itself.  Adding all these goofy new features.  I had no problems with going into PS for doing some processing.  I'm done with LR-CC until they fix it ... if they can.



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                            snerkler Level 1

                            Just tried shutting it down and restarting, runs slow whatever

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                              zeetoe25 Level 1

                              Hi Snerkler,


                              I just found the solution for my slow launch and opening.  I hope it works for you.  I opened adobe creative cloud manager.  I click on the gear and selected preferences.  Then I signed out!  You'll get a window to confirm your signing out.  Click ok.  Then quit the creative cloud manager.  Reopen the creative cloud manager and sign back in.  The open LR-CC 2015.  If you have notification turn on, you'll get a notification that the license has been confirmed.  For me the splash screen went from 5-6 secs to launch to instant, and the launch of LR went from 35 sec to 5 sec.  So I think my launch problem has been solved, but I still have problem with the TAT being erratic.


                              Hope this helps,



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                                snerkler Level 1

                                Not helped for me. My splash screen has always been instant, but still takes about 10-12s to launch the program and be ready to use.

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                                  ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                  Hi guys,


                                  Some additional suggestions you could try on this thread:


                                  why is my lightroom cc so slow to load? it takes at 1 1/2 mins to open

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                                    Bob Somrak Level 6

                                    I have Lr 5 stand alone and it has always loaded fast.  A few weeks ago I installed Lr CC trial and it took at least 15 seconds to load.  Strangely, it also caused Lr 5 standalone to load slower too. This morning I uninstalled Lr CC trial and the Adobe Creative Cloud App and Lr 5 load times are back to normal.  Its strange that installing Lr CC and Adobe Creative Cloud App would slow the load of Lr 5 standalone so much.  I assume it is the CC app doing checking for something but this should have a fix.  Lr CC worked well for me but the new tools, specifically HDR and Face Recognition, need some extra work.  Pano worked great for me.  Will get Lightroom CC when it get to a .1 or .2 version.

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                                      snerkler Level 1

                                      Just tried this myself, LR5 is slower now. Still about 2s faster than LRcc but still tardy.

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                                        Yeah, that works, but it is a one shot deal, the next time I login it takes just as long, I have also turned off the splash screen and check for updates, that helps a bit, the creative cloud will let you know when there are updates.

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                                          Jeff Behm

                                          I've been searching for an answer to this dilemma for a month or more without success.  Sorry to say, the tips here haven't worked either.  I'm running the latest LR CC update on a late 2012 iMac 27" with 24GB RAM, 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M graphics card, and a 1TB HD with 565GB free space. The OS is the latest update to Yosemite.  I've had all the hardware checked for read/write issues, and it's fine.  The catalog and the image files are stored on the Hard Drive, in the usual place on a Mac, the Pictures folder.  Internet is Xfiniity Burst, with TX speeds of around 240-300Mbps.  I had thought it could be bottlenecked at initial startup, checking with Adobe, but those speeds shouldn't create that, I don't think.


                                          By comparison, Lightroom fully installed (the old fashioned way) on my G5 PPC mac tower opens in 8-12 seconds.  The CC version on the iMac above opens in anywhere from 2 minutes to 5 minutes, and often remains inert for as much as 2 minutes after the library page shows up, before I can access an image.


                                          Going back to the G5 tower, that Lightroom has nearly 22,000 images in the catalog currently in use, and has had as many as 40-50 thousand.  It never made much difference in time to open.  Since some folks I've asked have suggested I reduce the size of the iMac's  LR CC catalog from its current 17,300 images, I made a test catalog of 36 RAW files.  It took 1 minute 50 seconds to open which isn't a winner.


                                          One other odd facet to this concerns multiple openings of the software in one day.  Usually when working, I open LR and keep it open until I export and start using Photoshop, at which time I shut down LR so they aren't competing for the 24GB of RAM.  So, I usually experience one opening a day, taking 2-5 minutes.  Since I've been seeking solutions to the length of time that takes, I've been opening and closing Lightroom several times a day, something that wouldn't happen ordinarily. What's occurred is this: Subsequent openings of LR in the same morning will open in from 8-24 seconds, repeatedly.  If I shut it down and rest it for 4 or 5 hours, or over night, we're back to the extremely long start up times.


                                          I am very interested in resolving whatever issue this is, and in hearing from members of the Adobe community, or from tech people if they happen to read this.

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                                            jdabarno@gmail.com Level 1

                                              I sometimes find the same thing happens on multiple openings of Lightroom CC 2015 in on day, that the first time it takes 2-5 minutes, and the second much faster, although I have not timed it, but not every subsequent opening does it doe this. I don't know if it is a combination for El Capitan on my Macbook Pro with the latest iteration of Lightroom CC 2015 that is causing this, it used to be so fast, very disapointing when every other program, opens at least 10 times faster. I also wonder if it has to do with the amount of plugins for Lightroom/ Photoshop you have, I leaned mine down to just the ones I currently use, with absolutely no difference in speed. Hope someone finds an answer soon.

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                                              Jeff Behm Level 1

                                              Here's the very last update on my experiences regarding slow launch of Lightroom CC.  The CC version has an option to reset Preferences.  With LR closed down, hold down the Option + Shift keys while double clicking the LR Icon to launch.  For Windows, use the Alt + Shift.    Once you do, a window appears that asks if you want to reset the preferences.  Select Reset.  Of course later, you may have to go in and return some preferences to your choice of settings, but this made a dramatic improvement in the application's performance on my machine.  In my case, Once I clicked "reset". the application was fully open within about 30 seconds, a huge change from the 2-5 minutes it was taking.  I then closed it down and restarted normally; re-launch took 3 seconds!!!  Of course it was still in the RAM, so to speak, but I have never, ever had a 3 second boot up of LR CC until now, let alone a 30 second launch.


                                              I'll rest the application for another 3-4 hours before booting from scratch again, now that the prefs have been reset.  That usually allows it to be an accurate reflection of the time needed under normal use.  But you may wish to try it if the CC version is giving you fits, like it was me.


                                              A cynical little part of me thinks there may have been some awareness of this issue if they built in a somewhat automated Preferences reset option.  The old way of going to the folder containing LR prefs and either moving and renaming or throwing away the prefs may have been something they wanted to simplify if it was going to be necessary.  But as I said, I can be cynical.

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                                                Jeff Behm Level 1

                                                NUTS!  The fix I described above didn't last.

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                                                  Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                  Why are you rebooting your machine all the time? Just put it to sleep so you can have it immediately available when you open it up and password in. This will keep everything fast. These things are very energy efficient when asleep and don't even really register on the wattage meter on my UPS.


                                                  Anyway, I have a few years old MBP retina 15" machine with El capitan and CC 2015.4 and it takes a few seconds to get Lightroom running (a catalog with 50k+ images) to load Lightroom. I rarely quit out of Lightroom and Photoshop though and only reboot for system updates. After a reboot it will take 30 seconds or so.

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                                                    Jeff Behm Level 1

                                                    If I weren't seeking a solution to the long launch problem, I would never be rebooting at all after the first of the day.  I make my living in photography and have used LR since I was in the original beta test group.  But since the launch in CC now takes 3-5 minutes or more (as opposed to 3-12 seconds in v5), I'm seeking solutions.  As I try different potential fixes for that, I have to re-launch in order to determine if the fix worked. 

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                                                      Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                      Aha! 3-5 minutes is definitely not normal even after a reboot. You've already tried resetting preferences so I won't suggest that. Have you tried this with a new catalog? Are you running any non-standard system utilities such as antivirus software or other things that grab deep into the system? Are you using external hard disks? If so try it without those connected. Sometimes bad USB cables or badly seated thunderbolt cables cause this sort of behavior or long lockups of Lightroom.

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                                                        Dan Ro

                                                        I am I the same boat. This happens to me all the time. If I have Activity Monitor open, I can see that Lightroom is Not Responding for a good period of time while it tries to start up.

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                                                          snerkler Level 1

                                                          Sorry I never got back to this, I was not notified I'd had responses. Anyway, with new updates start up time has much improved so am assuming it was a software issue.

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                                                            Mine takes 1 minute and 15 seconds to boot up, i thought that was normal lol