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    Targeting a symbol (to show / hide) within another composition, using a trigger in a loaded composition.

    rexcraft7 Level 1

      I apologize if my question is confusing. I'm still fairly new to Edge and I hope I'm correctly explaining my issue. I've been using the Edge Commons composition loader to build this interactive:


      link to interactive: http://edwin-choi.com/main_screen.html


      If you go to care provider --> intro --> 3, and then wait a bit, a purple glow will appear right below the primary navigation labeled "Bariatric Surgeries". This was coded using an invisible button with an 'onclick' state. I wanted to make it so that the purple glow appears on top of that primary navigation label instead of below. However, the primary navigation is in a separate composition. I tried pasting the following code into the "intro" composition to target the glow which is in the main_screen composition (which is where the primary navigation is). movie3 (in the main_screen composition) is the symbol in which the glow element is animated, and the folders are organized like the following:


      mainscreen (folder) --> main_screen.html

                                      --> patient_intro (folder) --> patient_intro.html



      What happens is that none of the areas in the "intro" composition are interactive after inserting this code.


      Any kind of feedback would be appreciated thank you in advance!