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    FlashMIDI Note Off Events from MIDI input

      Is anyone using FlashMIDI by Alexis Isaac? It's a great plugin for getting MIDI files, sequences, and input to and from flash in realtime. I'm able to get a MIDI "note on" by using the following in frame 2 of the main timeline:


      midi.startDirectMidiInput(2); //1 = dmiNotes; 2 = dmiAll
      midi.setDirectMidiInputLoopBack(1); // "1" plays a received note, "0" does not

      midi.onDirectMidiInput = function(channel, type, midiNum, velocity) {
      trace("(channel="+channel+") : "+midiNum+"/ velocity:"+velocity+"/ type:"+type);

      When I hit middle C (60) on my MIDI keyboard, the output window traces as follows:
      (channel=11) : 60/ velocity:77/ type:0

      But, when I lift up on middle C, the output window adds: (channel=11) : 0/ velocity:0/ type:1

      Which is fine, except how do I know which key I've let up on, since the output window shows "0" for the midi number?