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    fullscreen javascript api in edge?

    jillmain Level 1

      Hey Edge Animater! I don't get the fullscreen javascript api to work. I want to make a button to view pictures in complete fullscreen.

      So I use it's click function and paste the code from (How to Use the HTML5 Full-Screen API (Again) - SitePoint)

      var i = document.getElementById("myimage");


      // go full-screen

      if (i.requestFullscreen) {


      } else if (i.webkitRequestFullscreen) {


      } else if (i.mozRequestFullScreen) {


      } else if (i.msRequestFullscreen) {



      inside, but it won't work.

      Anyone had the same problem or sees my failure?

      Some guy in the forum already asked about the right usage of the fullscreen api but no anweser!

      Peace Jill