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    missing logo on output

    nylarising Level 1
      hi all,

      i'm using robohelp 4.1, and have recently updated my custom skin with a new logo that is no bigger than 97x52 (the logo is used to replace the "Powered by RoboHelp" button, per Rick Stone's " Skinny on Skins" ).

      the logo is included in the skin directory as well as in the baggage file (for good measure), and i can see it fine on my desktop with the generated webhelp. the problem is that when i move the newly generated webhelp files to our server, that image does not appear on the help's toolbar area; it looks like it's missing.

      i've gone in the code in the whskin_tbars.htm and checked that the file is referenced and in the correct location of the outputted webhelp. i've even tried right-clicking the toolbar area and selecting "Show Picture" (in IE 6.02), but it still won't show up.

      now i'm at the point of "what the heck!?!" any ideas?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi nylarising and welcome to our community

          Interesting handle you have there. Nyla was my first wife's name. LOL

          Anyhoo, this happened to me recently with my own RoboWizard site. Well, not really with my PoweredBy logo, but with another image. So here's what I'd check. Make certain the name used for the image matches exactly what is being looked for. If your site is UNIX based, ImagENamE.GIF, imageName.GIF and imagename.gif are three totally different files to UNIX. So the case needs to match exactly.

          One safe way to do this is to try publishing with the default. Make certain the default shows, then note the exact name used for the default image. Then simply copy your desired image out there, delete the default image and rename yours to match identically the default.

          Cheers... Rick
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            nylarising Level 1
            thanks for the quick reply. i checked the case-sensitivity and it is the same (no Unix issues to note). and i've already synchronized the production directory with the webhelp output on my desktop . that darn image still refuses to show.
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi again

              Is it possible for you to share a URL? Or is this on a company intranet? If it's on a company intranet, are you certain you don't have some staging servers in the mix? With staging servers, you post files and they are later programmatically populated to production servers. Sometimes this process takes longer than expected to see results.

              Just a thought... Rick
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                nylarising Level 1
                hi again. nope, it's definitely not being stopped by staging servers. ( can access production directly and even waited a sufficient amount of time to follow up.)
                but if you can e-mail me at [now hidden], i'd be happy to share the URL with you.