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    Is there a "batch" mode for HDR

    PatrickIsb Level 1

      I found out that I didn't have to wait until an HDR merge was finished to launch the next one, by pressing Shift-Ctrl-H instead of Ctrl-H (on Windows)

      However, if I have let's say about 30 images that I want to merge into 10 HDR images, I'll have to select each group of 3 images and then press Shift-Ctrl-H. This works equaly well if I pre-select the images by grouping each bracketed view into a stack.

      Now, ideally what I'd like to have is: create the 10 stacks each with 3 images, select the 10 stacks, launch a batch process to merge each stack, instead of having to repeat launching the HDR fro each stack one by one...

      Is tehre a way to achieve that?

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          Jann Lipka Level 1

          Yes - As HDR seems to be the only one feature that is usefull ( image Process 2012 still unchanged ????   )
          a bit pity that batch ability seems to be unsupported .




          Also I thought stacking could be a part of this batch processing - but of course that would need
          improvement of most useless stacking method of them all -  auto stack " by capture time "  ( it looks good on presentations only )
          I have ever never had any luck to get proper bracket stacking with this one .
          It should work as it works in HDR programs like Photomatix -
          Stack 3 consequent selected images at time ( or 5 or 7 ) .
          And batch HDR - PLEASE !


          Regarding Shortcuts . Tooltip shows ( on mac ) Shift H
          but it is ctrl H that gets HDR dialog.

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            ScaryFamous Level 1

            Actually I do a ton of HDR with Enfuse and the auto stacking feature works great. The secret is timing your shots correctly so it doesn't get stacked incorrectly. For me, I use a 10 sec count down shutter to separate each shot. If the subject is bright enough, I can do a 15 sec auto stack and everything is fine. If the subject is dark, then you would have to increase the auto stack time to a higher value along with the corresponding count down shutter.  You could also go wait a bit between shots if a longer exposure is required. Its actually quite simple to get it to work.


            Anyways, I am super disappointed with the fact that they did not do a batch mode for this HDR feature. Seems like a very simple detail.

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              PatrickIsb Level 1

              Yes, I have also been using Enfuse for years, and while I'm not too happy either with auto-stacking, I found the way Enfuse batch mode is working quite useful.
              After trying out Lightroom CC HDR feature, I consider that it gives better results thane Enfuse, at least for what I'm doing.

              Add a batch mode similar to what Enfuse does and you have the perfect winning combination!

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                Jann Lipka Level 1

                Yes LR6 HDR is nice ( but more HDRish  look then Enfuse )

                I came  home with 300 images  bracketed ( panorama projekt for a customer )  today

                Its clear for me now that new  LR is made for Adobe enthusiast  Amateur Photographers in mind - not Pros ...


                ( plenty of Adobe emplyees are photo amateurs  ) that is the reason they completely omit Batch need for HDR.




                HDR processing of 300 + images is a horror .
                ( for example  if I filter images by label - this filtering goes off the second I start HDR processing ... )
                So i went back to Photomatix workflow .