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    Lightroom CC HDR merge distortion


      I'm seeing considerable distortion in the merged image that comes from the new feature in Lightroom CC. The merged HDR is vertically squished. When I run the same base images through merger to HDR pro in photoshop, this distortion does not occur. Anyone else experiencing this?

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          jeffturner_adobe Level 1

          Here are the two results. First is Lightroom resulting aspect, second is Photoshop and matches original ARW files.



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            ltjd Level 1

            Happening to me too.  Same image merged in Photoshop OK. Wondering if it has anything to do with raw file.  I use  Olympus OMD-EM1 M43 camera, but convert raw files from native .ORF to DNG on import.

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              RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

              If you turn off in-camera cropping does it merge correctly?

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                ltjd Level 1

                I don't do any editing in camera.  Is that what you mean?

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  This is a bug and can occur when the camera sensor aspect ratio is different than the in-camera crop/aspect setting.   Specifically, your camera sensor is 3:2 aspect ratio but you have set 16:9 HD video aspect ratio in your camera settings so the camera is preselecting a 16:9 HD crop but the HDR process is taking the 3:2 full-sensor data and resizing it to fit into the 16:9 crop area instead of just cropping the HDR result to the camera-set crop/aspect.


                  Rikk is suggesting turning off the 16:9 in-camera crop/aspect setting and leave things full-sensor 3:2.  This won't help your existing images, but it can help tell us whether you're encountering the known bug or something else is happening.


                  If these are video stills there may not be a way to turn off the in-camera crop when shooting stills during video.


                  As a workaround for your existing images, I'd suggest using the Aspect slider a in the Manual Lens Corrections area to stretch the finished HDR vertically then use the Scale slider to expand the image horizontally to fill the transparent areas at the sides.  This assumes you want the 16:9 aspect ratio HDR result.  If not, then try setting Original instead of As Shot in the crop settings in ACR, remake the HDR, and if necessary, perform the Aspect-Scale process with the hopefully 3:2 result.