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    Can't uninstall or install apps from CC


      Let's see, I'm going crazy here.


      I uninstalled Photoshop CC, Bridge and Premiere via Control Panel some days ago. Today I opened Creative Cloud and I see that the apps are still marked as installed. So I tried to uninstall them from CC. I can't. They're marked as installed but the programs are obviously not there so I get an error, but they don't disappear from the list. I also have a pending update for PS CC and that doesn't work either. Uninstalled Creative Cloud also and ran the Cleaner. Installed CC again. Everything is still the same. When trying to uninstall, the error log doesn't say anything. When trying to update Photoshop I get the famous "Camera Raw etc" error. Really don't know what to do anymore. Windows 7, 64bits.



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          So, don't know what I did but now all apps show as updated without being really there. I see that's a known problem but I'm not finding any luck with the solutions here: CC desktop lists applications as "Up to Date" when not installed


          And still getting this error if I try to update PS:


          ERROR: DW051: Dependency of session payload {3E7FC757-D497-4C89-A935-7D38E2164E85} Shared Technology Photoshop Camera Raw 8 8.0 has changed.


          There must be some locations that I can look for files and delete them, because Cleaner is not solving the issue and the programs don't appear on the Control Panel uninstaller anymore since I deleted them.


          Help, please, this is killing my soul.