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    Touch Worksapce Issue on Surface Pro 3


      When my Surface Pro 3 is undocked without a keyboard and I switch to the Touch Workspace by clicking on the Touch Workspace icon in the lower left, it switches however I cannot switch back to the non-touch workspace nor can I close Lightroom.  My only option was to hit the Windows key on the surface hardware to toggle over to the Start Screen and restart my device.  While in the docking station with external monitor, keyboard and mouse; I can switch to the Touch Workspace then toggle out of it by hitting ESC.  If I'm docked and go undocked while in the Touch Workspace Lightroom it locks up and I have two of the bottom bars\menus, one at the bottom and the other about a fourth of the way up from the bottom.  Putting back into the docking station while in that state puts everything back in order and working again.  Windows 8.1 is fully update to date with all updates available via Windows Update.