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    Excluding methods from RemoteClass serialization

      I am using the RemoteClass attribute on several of my actionscript classes to model my server-side Java classes. This all works fine but I often find myself wishing I could add a property to my actionscript class that would only exist on the client tier, i.e. would not be serialized to the server when I send one of them as an argument to the server.

      Like for example, I have a Customer object which has an id, name, and location. I make a request to the server and I get an array of Customer objects back. But then during the course of my application, the user may make changes to the data and I want to keep track of which customers have been modified so I'd like to add an IsDirty property to my actionscript Customer class. But if I do this, I get an error because FDS tries to serialize the IsDirty property into the server-side Java object which doesn't have that property.

      Is there any way to exclude a method from this serialization process?