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    InDesign CC extremly choppy scrolling on iMac Retina PLEASE HELP


      Hi All


      Most threads seem to be people complaining about illustrator, but InDesign is much much more of a problem for me.


      When scrolling with the mouse, the choppy/lagging is insane!


      if i drag the bars on the bottom and RHS to scroll, it's fairly alright, but scrolling with the mouse is like im trying to run the whole creative suite with 4GB RAM!!


      i've got a 2011 MBP with 16gb that i run CC on aswell, exact same file, runs worlds smoother.


      There's no lag with making shapes/boxes/changing fonts/ect, its just the scroll which is killing me.


      I've got a brand new iMac Retina with 16gb ram. CC and Yosemite are all updated 100%


      Please, someone, tell me that this is being fixed soon...


      I've tried making them IDML files, preflight is off... there's not much else i can do.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!