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    Why is HDR merge in LR CC so s-l-o-w?


      Shot a 5 shot series, plus or minus 2, plus or minus 1 and normal with Olympus OM-D E-M1, off a tripod. The RAWs are "ORF" format.

      With Auto Align, Auto Contrast and deghosting turned off, it took about 90 seconds to get the preview up to merge. Merging in LR took another 45-60 seconds with virtually no "HDR" effect per se.


      Range of develop sliders is the same as if I had used Photoshop Merge to HDR Pro of left it in 32 bit TIFF so this DNG is probably a 32 bit image wrapped in a DNG format.



      • Why does it take so long for the merging to take place as it doesn't seem that it's actually "tone-mapping," or is it?
      • Resulting "hdr" image doesn't show great range compared either to 32 bit TIFFs from Merge to HDR Pro or from Photomatix 32 bit option.
      • Aligning images increases preview generation even longer, making it almost unusable. Anyone else notice the same?

      I like LR very much but this implementation of supposed HDR seems to miss the mark badly.



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          totally agree, why add a feature thats basically useless? i feel like im back in 1999

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            trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            (Windows 7, i7-860 processor, 12 GB)


            Six (6) Canon 5D MKII CR2 21 Megagpixel raw files with 1.3 EV bracket


                                                            To Preview  Merge     Total Time

            LR CC 2015 Merge to HDR:      62 sec.     20 sec.      82 sec. 

            PS CC 2014 HDR Pro:              70 sec.     14 sec.      84 sec.

            (Using LR Edit In & 32 bit Mode)


            The two images as processed in LR Develop module look nearly identical. You need to crank up the -Highlights and +Shadows to achieve HDR recovery.


            Settings for the LR HDR DNG in the above example:

            IMG_0055_HDR Compare.jpg