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    Lightroom Export Loosing Sharpness.

    Kanokane Level 1

      Hi, I would like to get to the bottom of this Lightroom issue.


      Left is Lightroom, the right is 20k mb JPG export.


      I have 30mb Raw/Nef images from my Nikon d7100.


      Aftter editing in lightroom, applying sharpness and clarity (not overly though) as well as other tweaks, I'm more than happy, then on export to JPG set to 20,000mb and sharpened for screen, I am not hapy with the final image. Comparing it to the original preview in Lightroom it's lost colour, depth and sharpness and generally it's 'pop'.


      I must be doing somethign wrong.


      I was told it's about preview mode, and viewing at 1:1 and also on the export at the same res will sort this.


      Please have a look at the final images, is this comaprrison even legit?


      Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 07.27.55.png


      I can not simply let the quality on the lightroom preview go to waste.. Even on a simple screen grab the difference is noticable.

      Left is Lightroom, the right is 20k mb JPG export.